Our Fees

SMSF Establishment

Individual Trustees $695
Corporate Trustee $1,590

SMSF Transfer to SuperGuardian: By Quote

Where an existing fund has previous activity that needs to be accounted for, we will undertake the work on a fee for time basis. Please phone us on 1300 787 576 for an indication of what these fees may be.


All new funds will be charged at the lowest fee category for the first financial year in monthly debits, with the balance of the annual figures debited by 30 June.  The full annual fee is payable irrespective of which month you establish your fund. All fees are payable for a full year, whether for a full year or part thereof.

Thereafter, the annual fee is reviewed and calculated each year based on the number of assets as at 30 June.  It is not based on the number of transactions, we simply review the number of assets held at the commencement of each financial year to determine the fee category.

Fee categories are reviewed annually in June.


Number of Investments Annual Fee (incl GST)
0 - 10 investments $1,588
11 - 20 investments $2,235
21 - 30 investments $2,747
31 - 40 investments $3,290
41 - 50 investments $4,182
51+ investments By Quote

The above quoted fee categories may vary from time to time where extraordinary circumstances exist. SuperGuardian reserves the right to charge a fee for service outside of the above-mentioned fee categories if deemed appropriate.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of our Client Information Pack.

Compliance Fee (inc GST)
SMSF Audit $490

SuperGuardian engages external independent Auditors to audit our work.

Calculating Your Fee

For the purpose of calculating yout fee category, we classify investments as follows:


Type of Investments
Bank account 1 asset
Listed Security (Shares) 1 asset
Term Deposit 1 asset
Life Insurance 1 asset
Units a listed Trust / Managed Fund 1 asset
Units an unlisted Trust / Managed Fund 2 assets
Wrap Accounts 5 assets
Shares in Private Companies subject to negotiation
Property subject to negotiation
Derivatives/Options subject to negotiation
Instalment Warrant Arrangement subject to negotiation
Artwork & Other Assets subject to negotiation


Additional Fees and Charges


Additional Fees Amount (inc GST)
Pension Establishment $585 per pension
Pension Recommencement/Consolidation $345 per pension
Pension Administration $250
Actuarial Certificate - Account Based pension $260
Actuarial Certificate - Defined Benefit pension $485
Audit Management Letter $150
Audit Contravention and Management Letter $250
GST Registered Fund $245 per annum
Lump sum Withdrawal - Under 60 $195 per LSW
Lump sum Withdrawal - Over 60 $110 per LSW
Segregated Accounts $300 per segregated account
Other Assets held outside By Quotation
Company Incorporation $895
Company Annual Review $255 per annum