Why SuperGuardian?

SuperGuardian makes SMSFs simple and easy to manage so more people can enjoy the benefits of control over their superannuation, without the compliance burden.

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Online access to all your fund information – daily!

Online access to your year to date contributions and pension withdrawal – daily!

Online access to your investment strategy and asset allocation summery – daily!

Simpler complaince – with online alerts to assist with the compliance aspects  or running your SMSF.

A fixed fee for service – so you always know your fees in advance

Our Services

The Desktop Broker SMSF service is available to funds that hold and transact in assets embedded with the Bell Direct SMSF offering. These Include:

Provided the investments with your SMSF stay with the above categories, we can provide you with a  complete SMSF service, for a fraction of the price you can expect to pay elsewhere.


If you currenty hold or would like to hold other assets, please refer our fee schedule.

SMSF Establishment

SuperGuardian facilitates quick and simple establishment of your SMSF. We prepare your SMSF establishment kit with simple and easy to understand documentation which we send to you with 2 -3 days or receipt of your online application.

SMSF Accounting

We handle all of the accounting required for your superannuation fund, including:

At the end of the financial year your financial statements, compliance and regulatory documents will be prepared and sent to you for signing.

Technical Services

As experts in the area of SMSF accounting, taxation and compliance, we are able to assist Trustees with more complex issues such as:

SMSF Compliance

By monitoring the activity with your fund on a regular basis, we’re able to notify you promptly of any compliance breaches that come to our attention. Ultimately you, as Trustees, are responsible for the complying status of the fund, however we work closely with you to identify and rectify breaches.

Pension Administration

For a fixed fee, we handle conversion from accumulation to pension mode, including all associated documentation and calculations.


We handle ongoing administration of the pension rebate and deduction calculation and preparation and lodgement of the Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Independent Audit

It is a legal requirement that SMSFs are audited on an annual basis. We have a panel of external Auditors who undertake this work for SuperGuardian clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

























How long will it take to set up a self managed super fund?

Once we receive a signed application form, our turnaround time to establish a new fund is approximately 2 – 3 business days.


Do I have to use the Macquarie Cash Management Account?

It is preferred that you do to guarantee the daily update of the online reporting. If you choose to use an alternate bank account this will attract an additional fee.


How long before I can start trading?

Once your self managed super fund is established, you can arrange your rollovers and/or contributions to the fund. The turnaround time for rollovers varies depending on where your superannuation is transferring from. Once the money is in your super fund bank account, you are free to start trading straight away.


What happens when I want to pay for other investments?

You conduct your investment as usual, then pay for your investment from your super fund’s bank account. You must file and hold onto the paperwork which will be required at year end when your financial statements and tax return are prepared.


Who do I speak to if I have a question about my fund?

You wil be allocated a Client Manager at the time you establish your fund with SuperGuardian, and they will be happy to assist you with any queries at any time






















I want my super fund to buy shares in an initial public offering or float – like Telstra. What do I do?

You simply complete that application form and arrange payment. We recommend you email a copy to SuperGuardian to ensure your online reports are kept up to date.


How do we receive dividends?

All dividends received in cash will be directed straight into you super fund bank account. Our reports will detail any dividend income or re-investment.


Can you arrange to pay for my trades and expenses on my behalf?

No. We do not handle settlements, nor do we transact on any of our client accounts. An automatic sweep facility will be established when you open you Bell Direct trading account.


How will I pay my super fund taxes, if any?

We will contact you if there are taxes to be paid asking you to arrange payment to the Australian Taxation Office.


What happens if I decide to move away from this service?

Simply give us notice in writing and we’ll terminate the agreement with no exit fees or penalties.