Our Annual Service

Our annual service is our ‘shoe box’ service for trustees who prefer to handle the day to day paperwork for their fund and have a high level of expertise in managing investments.

Features of the service include:

  • Fee for time service based on an hourly rate
  • Year end accounting, tax and compliance
  • Pension administration
  • Annual independent audit

Our annual service is charged on a fee for time basis as opposed to our daily and monthly service that have a fixed fee arrangement. Where a fund has few assets and transactions the fees may be more competitive.


We handle all of the accounting required for your superannuation fund, including:

  • Maintaining detailed capital gains tax records
  • Maintaining detailed membership records
  • Preparation and lodgement of ETP statements
  • Historical RBL reporting
  • Preparation of BAS/IAS/PAYG
  • Preparation of the annual tax return and regulatory documentation
  • Preparation of all minutes and associated documentation

At the end of the financial year, the following reports will be prepared:

  • Operating statement (profit and loss)
  • Statement of financial position (balance sheet)
  • Notes to accounts
  • Member statements
  • Annual taxation and regulatory return
  • S290-170 notice
  • Minutes of meetings/resolutions of trustees


SuperGuardian prepares any minutes of meetings or compliance documentation as required upon completion of the financial accounts.

Pension Administration

For a fixed fee, we will handle the conversion from accumulation to pension mode, including all associated documentation and calculations. We handle the ongoing administration of the pension including summaries for pension recipients, pension rebate and deduction calculation and preparation and lodgement of the pay as you go (PAYG). We also prepare centrelink benefit schedules upon request.

We do not give financial advice relating to pension strategies, and strongly recommend you speak to a qualified Financial Planner.

Independent Audit

It is a legal requirement that self managed superannuation funds are audited on an annual basis. We have a panel of external Auditors who undertake this work for SuperGuardian clients, and the cost of the audit is added to our fees.