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SMSF end game – winding up is the final strategy

14 December 2021

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST

2020/21 saw the SMSF market record its strongest establishment numbers in over 3 years, with over 25,000 SMSFs established.  2018 was the last time that many funds were established but in that year roughly the same number of funds wound up. The reality is that every fund that is established will be wound up at some stage.  Whilst the establishment process is relatively straight forward, winding up an SMSF comes with many challenges and they can often be misunderstood or overlooked until the last minute and that can result in delays in the process, often dragging a fund into a new financial year.

In this webinar we will look at the triggers that prompt members/trustees to contemplate closing their SMSF and work through the practicalities of the wind up process.  We will also consider whether winding up is the best options in all circumstances or whether there are alternative actions that can be taken subject to the reason behind the decision.  In the end winding up is inevitable, it’s just whether all strategies have been explored before making that final decision because once it’s made there is no turning back.

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