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The many faces of SMSF property development

18 May 2021 (12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST)

In this webinar we will take the compliance torch to developing a property in an SMSF and identify the good the bad and the ugly when contemplating the parties to any arrangement as well as the transaction tips, trips and traps.  Without limiting our imagination we will consider the following:

  • Who is involved in the transaction – understanding Part 8 Associates
  • How non-arm’s length income changes will impact property development
  • Carrying on a business in an SMSF

Creating a pension strategy playbook – workshop

16 June 2021 (Adelaide), 23 June 2021 (Sydney), 24 June 2021 (Melbourne)

Time: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

This interactive pension workshop will take attendees through all the key considerations of establishing and maintaining a pension within an SMSF.

Aligning pensions with conditions of release, Tim will use a number of case studies throughout the workshop to highlight the key issues.

First up Tim will take attendees through the pros and cons of a transition to retirement income stream and how these “accumulation” based pensions are an ideal entry into separating pension interests for estate planning purposes. The session will then delve into the transition from transition and identify the key issues of commencing account based pensions versus maintain a transition to retirement pension in the retirement phase.  It is at this point that the transfer balance cap becomes an issue, so the session will contemplate all things transfer balance cap.

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