Our Daily Service

Our Daily Service is our premium service with daily reporting for Trustees who have a high level of interaction with their SMSF investments.

Features of the service include:

  • Fixed Fee for Service
  • Daily online reporting
  • Monthly reconciliation of accounts
  • Bank account of your choice
  • Full administration service – with all mail handled by SuperGuardian, reducing the volume of paperwork handled by trustees
  • All accounting and taxation – with tax and annual returns produced promptly at year end as part of the service
  • SMSF Compliance
  • Pension administration
  • Annual independent audit

Our daily service enables you to have complete access to your fund information at any time and enjoy our complete mailbox service.

Online Reporting

Our daily service provides comprehensive reports including:

  • Balance sheet and operating statement
  • Member details
  • Bank account transaction details
  • Contribution cap details including tracking the 3 year bring forward rule.
  • Pension details – min/max and pension taken YTD
  • Investment valuation
  • Asset allocation
  • Realised/unrealised capital gains
  • Income reports

SuperGuardian’s regular reporting enables you to keep up to date and monitor the progress of your super fund, without the burden of maintaining the bookkeeping yourself. With up to date information, you will be in a better position to make important decisions relating to your super fund investments.