SMSF Basics

Introduction to SMSFs

Self Managed Superannuation is the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry. More and more Australians are taking control of their superannuation and working closely with their Financial Adviser for individual attention and advice. 

By running a SMSF you have:

Direct Control

By running your own super fund, you benefit from flexibility and control. You can customise your savings and investment strategy to suit your individual circumstances. 

You determine the investments that are best for your individual circumstances. You decide an investment and when to buy, sell or hold them. Ultimately, you design and implement an investment strategy that best suits you. 

Individual Attention and Advice

Unlike dealing with retail funds or Fund Managers, you deal direct with an Investment Adviser – somebody you know and trust for quality investment advice.

Greater Investment Choice

With a Self Managed Super Fund, you have access to a greater variety of investments. These include direct shares, derivatives, managed funds, property and the list goes on. With access to greater variety of investments, along with individual attention and advice, you may see the value of your superannuation savings grow more quickly.

Tax Savings

Self managed super funds provide significant taxation advantages and is an attractive structure to hold investments in. 

Tax on income received from investments in your SMSF is a maximum of 15%, whereas Capital Gains Tax is a maximum of 10% for assets held greater than 12 months. 

Where a fund is paying an account based pension there is no tax payable on any investment earnings associated with the pension. That is $0 tax on investment income and $0 tax payable on Capital Gains for a pension account. 

In fact, if you have an account based pension and have invested in direct shares, it is possible to receive a refund cheque from the ATO each year, through the refund of franking credits. 

Note: The tax-exempt status on Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension accounts has now been removed. This means that any investment earnings on Transition to Retirement pension accounts will be taxed up to 15%, just as they are in an accumulation account.In addition, there is a limit on the amount of assets an SMSF can transfer into a tax-free retirement phase account.


Unlike industry funds, the cost of managing your own fund can be significantly less, and yet you have so much more flexibility. Administration and Management costs are generally fixed, and not linked to the value of your superannuation.

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