SMSF Outsourcing

SuperGuardian is an industry leader, with over 15 years of experience administering SMSFs.

We are independently owned and provide a range of services to many of Australia’s Financial Planning and Stockbroking firms, and to Accountants as a wholesale service.

Outsourcing your annual accounts is a partial solution. SuperGuardian, however, provides a complete out-sourced service including:

  • Online access for Accountants, Clients and Advisers to financial reports and SMSF documents via your website;
  • Monthly reconciliation of accounts with investment reports and member statements updated monthly as opposed to annually;
  • Enhanced Compliance – with contribution ‘monitoring’ on a monthly basis and a detailed contribution review conducted annually in May;
  • Easier pension administration – with pension drawings and annual min/max requirements reviewed annually in June (prior to the end of the financial year); and indicative figures provided each year in July;
  • One stop administration, accounting, tax and audit;
  • Free technical support – with an SMSF ‘Helpdesk’ for any high level queries.


The key benefits in working with SuperGuardian are:


You retain control

At SuperGuardian, we’re happy to deal direct with you as the Intermediary. Any paperwork that needs attention can be sent to you to follow up with your client. At year end, the financial reports can be sent directly to you to present to your clients for signing, and invoicing as desired.

We form a partnership

We allocate you a Client Manager who is your sole point of contact for all aspects concerning your client base. You can consider them your ‘internal’ SMSF accountant.

Cost savings for your clients

Our fee structure is simple and competitive and in many cases a lot cheaper than traditional accounting due to the efficiency of our ongoing administration. We charge a fixed, all inclusive fee based on the number of investments held in the fund (calculated annually). Our fees start from $990 including audit.

An outsourced solution you can trust

As an Australian chartered accounting firm you can be assured you’re dealing with SMSF specialists with the highest level of expertise and quality of service.

To discuss your business needs in more detail, please call me on 1300 787 576.